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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products
Sierra 18-5743 Voltage Regulator for Mercury Outboards
Sierra 18-5876 Stator for Mercury Outboards
Save $21.78
BWD S4202 Oil Pressure Gauge Switch
BWD BWD S4202 Oil Pressure Gauge Switch
Sale price$149.99 CAD Regular price$171.77 CAD
Sierra 18-6451 Alternator. Replaces Indmar: 575014
SIERRA Sierra 18-6451 Alternator
Sale price$369.95 CAD
OEM Indmar 556015 Knock Sensor.  Chevrolet screw in knock sensor used thru 2005.
INDMAR OEM Indmar 556015 Knock Sensor
Sale price$169.85 CAD
Save $141.49
Sierra 18-6287 Solenoid
Sierra Sierra 18-6287 Solenoid
Sale price$55.00 CAD Regular price$196.49 CAD
Sierra 18-5816 Solenoid
SIERRA Sierra 18-5816 Solenoid
Sale price$38.79 CAD
Sierra 18-5603-1 Starter, NoselessSierra 18-5603-1 Starter, Noseless, gear end
Save $5.41
Sierra 18-5913-1 Hi-Peformance Starter. Fits: Chevy engines with 14" flywheels. 1.7 KW This is the most common Chev Starter.
SIERRA Sierra 18-5913-1 Hi-Performance Starter
Sale price$380.98 CAD Regular price$386.39 CAD

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