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Sierra 18-5743 Voltage Regulator for Mercury Outboards
Sierra 18-5876 Stator for Mercury Outboards
Sierra 18-5405 Rotor. Fits: New GM style "Module in Cap" distributors - V-8 application.
SIERRA Sierra 18-5405 Rotor
Sale price$22.79 CAD
Sierra 18-5354 Distributor Cap. Fits New GM Style "Module in Cap" Distributors- V-8 Applications Except MPI Engines With ECM 555.
NGK #5887 (IZFR5G) spark plug close upNGK #5887 (IZFR5G) spark plug
OEM Indmar 496083 Cap and Rotor Kit (Delco EST Ignition)
Save $9.46
BWD C266 Distributor Cap
BWD BWD C266 Distributor Cap
Sale price$60.54 CAD Regular price$70.00 CAD
BWD D225 Distributor RotorBWD D225 Distributor Rotor
BWD BWD D225 Distributor Rotor
Sale price$75.13 CAD
NGK 6431 (BU8H) Surface Gap Spark Plug
Save $2.00
Sierra 18-5303 Contact Set
SIERRA Sierra 18-5303 Contact Set
Sale price$14.99 CAD Regular price$16.99 CAD
NGK IKR6G8 (95064) Laser Iridium Spark Plug
NGK BR8HS-10 (1134) Nickel Spark Plug.
Save $0.13
NGK LKR6E-9N (#90410) Spark Plug full viewNGK LKR6E-9N (#90410) Spark Plug end view
NGK SPARK PLUGS NGK LKR6E-9N (#90410) Spark Plug
Sale price$13.65 CAD Regular price$13.78 CAD
Champion QC10WEP (9005) Spark Plug. Crosses to BRP 5007419.
BWD C241 Distributor Cap Adapter
Sierra 18-5413 Rotor
SIERRA Sierra 18-5413 Rotor
Sale price$26.19 CAD
Sierra 18-5248 Distributor Cap
Sierra 18-8800-1 Spark Plug Wire Set. Replaces: Mercruiser 84-813720A5, 84-816761Q5
Sierra 18-8821-1 Spark Plug Wire Set for Thunderbolt Ignition. Replaces: Mercruiser 84-813720A3, 84-813720A4, 84-816761A17, 84-816761A4, 84-816761Q17, 84-816761Q3, 84-816761Q4
Sierra Spark Plug Wire Set GM 7.4 -8.2L With Thunderbolt Ignition. Replaces: Mercruiser 84-813720A2, 84-813720A3, 84-813720A4, 84-816608Q61, 84-816761A4, 84-816761Q3, 84-816761Q4
BWD C194 Distributor Cap for Ford Engines. Pleasurecraft GT40
BWD BWD C194 Distributor Cap
Sale price$50.59 CAD

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