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Sea-Dog Line 352100-1 Straight Gas Tank Vent, Chrome plated Zinc 5/8"



  • Gas Tank Vents provide the needed air flow to maintain proper fuel flow while filling and during use.
  • Vents compensate for changes in tank level due to consumption, as well as temperature related expansion and contraction.
  • Designed to prevent vacuum build-up during use, which can disrupt fuel delivery they also double as a pressure release valve for the gas tank.
  • Helps prevent fuel spills, blow-back, and ensures fumes vent outboard instead of inside the boat.
  • An integral 5/8" hose barb securely connects vent hose.
  • Constructed of chrome plated die cast zinc.
  • Recommended for fresh water use.
  • Dimensions: A: 1" B: 2-1/8" C: 5/8" Hose D: 1-1/8"

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