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Sea-Dog Line Large Boat Hook Mooring Buoy Snap Kit



The Large Boat Hook Mooring Buoy Snap Kit is the convenient and easy solution for attaching a mooring line to a buoy or cleat. Using the included keeper plate, these channelled 316 stainless steel snaps fit onto the end of boat hooks or other poles, turning a challenging task into a quick and simple process.

The kit includes the snap hook, keeper plate, and fasteners for attaching the keeper plate.

Sea-Dog® Boat Hooks have pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation. Truly an advantage on high bowed vessels by simply reaching out with the boat pole, hook the carabiner on the inside of the attachment point, then pull back on the boat pole.The carabiner snaps shut as it slides free of the pole, securely clipping to the mooring eye or cleat.

The large size works on cleats up to 24! WLL - 2,185 lbs.

Dimensions (see illustration):
A: 1/2"     B: 8-1/8"    C: 1-3/16"    D: 2-1/2" E: 1-11/16" F: 3/4" Fastener: #8 FH

Note: Product usually ships in 2-3 business days.

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