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Sea-Dog Line LED Flush Mount Combo Drink Holder with Drain Fitting, Red



The LED Flush Mount Combo Drink Holder features a dual-purpose design that allows the use of beverage cans with or without insulated wraps, as well as most standard size bottles. Three red LEDs provide night vision.

Drain fitting allows water to be drained directly into bilge with the use of 1/4" tubing (not included).

The bottom is padded with a rubber insert to prevent rattling. Constructed of corrosion resistant stamped 304 stainless. 12VDC.

Requires a 3-5/8" diameter hole for installation.

Dimensions (see illustration):A: 4-1/4"    B: 3-5/8" C: 3-3/16" D: 3/4" E: 1/4"

Note: Product usually ships in 2-3 business days.

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