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Back Mount Rack Helm Kit



This helm can be used in a standard configuration with either the SSC134XX single cable or SSC135XX dual cable. It can also be used with the TFXtreme steering cable SSC154XX to create an HPSTM steering system.
HPS™ Rack by Seastar Solutions is the best 4-turn way to steer a power-assisted sterndrive or outboard! Ideal for small inboards too, HPS reduces backlash (free-play at the wheel) associated with power steered boats by up to 50%!
A great choice for ski boats, too!
It replaces most standard Teleflex/Seastar Solutions Rack & Pinion steering without dash modifications. HPS Rack is available in single cable configuration and is for single station use only.
Four bolts and nuts secure cable's rack housing to helm.
Dual cable has one rack housing with two cables attached. Single helm works on both single and dual cable applications (NFB recommended for non-power assist).
Helm/cable install as unit from back of dash
Helm requires current generation rack cables (will not bolt up to older style cables)

Use with SB39526 Bezel Kit

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