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Davis 3160 15" WindTrak AV Vane For Mounting to Most Whip Antennas


Products Description :

WindTrak™ AV Antenna Vane Model for Power or Sailboats. For mounting to most whip antennas. Combines two Installations into one. WindTrak AV is the time tested WindTrak 15" wind vane that installs onto most whip antennas, including Metz™ and Shakespeare™ brands, with a whip diameter less than 1/8" (3 mm). Keeps masthead uncluttered, reduces weight and windage aloft. Rides on low-friction Teflon™ bearings in place of sapphire suspension. Complete with 15" (38 cm) vane, reflective tabs, stainless arms, and all components needed for easy installation.

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