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Scotty 374 Sure Stop Downrigger Stopper Kit

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  • Scotty's Sure Stop Terminal Kit comes complete with:
    • over 8' of custom 240 lb. test black nylon seine twine
    • a 100% stainless steel crane swivel with a load rating of 411 lbs.
    • and a heavy duty coast lock terminal end.
  • The gunmetal black crane swivel is three times stronger than a brass swivel.
  • Attach the stainless or braided downrigger line directly to the crane swivel and the swivel itself becomes the stopper bead for the auto stop on the downrigger.
  • The Sure Stop Terminal Kit works extremely well when using braided downrigger line and ensures that your downrigger ball will stop short of the pulley every time.

Note : Product usually ships in 2-4 business days

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