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Wide Body Over Platform Telescoping Ladder



Wide body 16" (41 cm) design and extra length make it easier and more comfortable to use. For larger boat installations at transom platform. Compact stowage, steps fold over onto platform. Flat poly treads for increased comfort and traction. Heavy duty 6" folding gudgeons for easy mounting. Full 2" (5 cm) diameter main body 304 stainless steel. Weight capacity to 400 lbs. Bungee cord securing strap included. Nylon bushings between ladder sections provide precision sliding and prevents inadvertent deployment when flipping ladder body into the water.

  • Deployed : 16" x 67.5"
  • Stowed : 16" x 19.75"
  • Steps : 6

Note : Product usually ships in 7-10 business days

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